Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Our Mission is to: Raise funds and awareness to educate, nurture and support Ugandan vulnerable children to their full potential

Our Vision is: Empowering children, changing lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Child Sponsorship is a long-term or monthly commitment with one or more Siyabonga children that will have positive direct change on the life of that particular child or children. During your sponsorship period you do have an opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship; with that child as you share your prayers, love and financial support. “For your thoughtfulness and generosity, I have hope for a better tomorrow - Thank you sincerely” The current monthly cost to support a Siyabonga child in Uganda is $50per month or equivalent 
to start sponsoring a child right now, complete the form below Share the love of Jesus Christ with children today when you make a tax-deductible donation to our programs. Siyabonga Milele African aims to at least have 90 % of all ministry expenditures go toward serving the intended objectives. Please send your tax-deductible donation today — through our church partners since Siyabonga is not yet registered in the United States thanks

Partners of Siyabonga, is a special giving program were Groups, Individuals, Companies, Schools, Churches and Organizations can choose a monthly pledge or annual donation to partner with the Siyabonga Milele Africa financially and help us meet needs where help is needed most. We committed to empowering children and changing lives. At the same time raise funds and awareness for projects and services that will economically advance the children’s local communities.

Your monthly donation will be used in a positive way to help Siyabonga make positive change and reach it vision and mission
• Pay children school Fees
• Text and Excises Books and other Scholastic materials
• Medical 

 • Basic needs for children

Siyabonga is not only empowering children, changing lives but we are aware and acknowledge the importance and roles of families in the lives of the children. At Siyabonga we believe in helping families to help their own children. Therefore getting communities (family) to participate in small economic projects we are committed to helping families help their own children through raising funds and awareness for projects and services that will economically advance the children’s local communities like poultry, agriculture and skills that parents can learn and use to help other children in the family that might not be in program but equally need the help as well. Yes, in principle anyone can start a project, as long as they clearly want to “better the world”, that is the planned project that has a social or economical purpose and does fit with the organization philosophy. There is however a difference between projects that are run privately and not recognized as non-profits in Ugand

Currently Siyabonga doesn’t have a place the children call home, we don’t have a place where our children can meet or arrive at whenever they are back from school or when they are sick and need care. Siyabonga will like to buy land and construct a home where these children can come and learn other skills like farming, art and crafts and really be taken care of. Siyabonga village will provide shelter, food and medical help and clothing for these children on Top of providing education for them. Siyabonga was founded. “A child can never truly appreciate the formal education unless his/her basic needs are taken care of first.” Where is my next meal coming from? Will I ever have clothes on my back? What about when I am sick, am I just going to sit there and fight the losing battle of diseases? How about a roof over my head? I have no place I can call home! These are the perturbing questions that always played in our minds while growing up

Siyabonga which has been in existence for over 5 years now is dedicated to providing educational and better environmental opportunities to children who otherwise do not stand a chance in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Siyabonga was started by a group of four people who having lived the very kind of poor life these children are living now decided to do something to make their lives better just as someone else did for them years before. Siyabonga the name of the organization is a Zulu word which means ‘thank you’. Mr. Kenneth Kisegerwa, Mr. Morris Kabuye and Ms. Barbara Kayaga are the Board Members and founders of the organization. Siyabonga is not just another organization asking for aid to help the thousands of starving and poor children in Africa, we are an organization that is testifying to the very help that has already been given. We are here today to say that the help given as children back then is not and has never been in vain. Siyabonga as a charity organisation is all

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). We believe in God our Father We believe in Christ the Son We believe in the Holy Spirit We believe in the resurrection That we will rise again We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)

We provide the opportunity for all to know God and make Him known. In Siyabonga we make it clear that God is the owner of our organisation. Therefore, all that we do centers around Him. We will not force anyone to believe, but they will certainly have opportunities to hear. So we have reason to be enthusiastic about all Christ Jesus has done through us in my service to God. (Romans 15:17)