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It’s our dream to have a performing choir that can travel the around world spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and at the same time raising awareness and be ambassadors for the rest of children in Uganda and African as a whole.

We would love to partner with churches and organizations and individuals that can help spin this dream into action.  We don’t want only donations from our partner but also give back in the way we know best in Africa. Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. In Africa music is used as everyday objects, to teach, entertain, we sing when we are happy, sad, digging, fishing, traveling and when welcoming visitors are.  

Despite a humble background, Africa has talents and abilities that rest of the world needs to see so partner with Siyabonga and lets showcase such talents, enjoy them ourselves but most importantly to use the very tool to bring a massage of hope and healing to the world that is hurting and need the love of Jesus Christ.  We would love to bring a group of 18 children to America so they can experience a different world but most importantly be the ambassadors and voice for the many children who can't speak for themselves but need the much help 


When you sponsor a child, you are directly empowering and positively changing a life


Donate to a particular child or cause, and impact lives, communities and families. 


Be our Ambassador, Organize a fundraising event and Volunteer to make a difference. How?

  • Spread the word; Through social media, church groups, school, business or companies.
  •  Host a Siyabonga Party ; Invite your friends over and tell them about Siyabonga by selling crafts, cookies, chocolates etc.

Who We Are?

Siyabonga which has been in existence for over 5 years now is dedicated to providing educational and better environmental opportunities to children who otherwise do not stand a chance in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Siyabonga was started by a group of four people who having lived the very kind of poor  life these children are living now decided to do something to make their lives better just as someone else did for them years before.

Siyabonga the name of the organization is a Zulu word which means ‘thank you’. Kenneth Kisegerwa, Morris Kabuye and Barbara Kayaga are the Board Members and founders of the organization.

Siyabonga is not just another organization asking for aid to help the thousands of starving and poor children in Africa, we are an organization that is testifying to the very help that has already been given. We are here today to say that the help given as children back then is not and has never been in vain. Siyabonga as a charity organisation is all about giving thanks for what has been done for us by helping others who were just like us in return-Siyabonga [Thank you!!!]

We started Siyabonga to say thank you to countless people across America, Canada and Europe who gave even before they knew who we were and we are here today because of them. We know what love can do because we are the products of someone else’s love therefore our belief in making a difference in the children’s lives in return knowing what they will be tomorrow.


A child must wear a uniform and have necessary scholastic material before and in order to attend school we know that “A child can never truly appreciate formal education unless his/her basic needs are taken care of first” and we do that. Siyabonga aims at getting 3 sponsors for 1 child at monthly sponsorship cost of $ 50.00. That is $ 50 X 3 sponsors = $150.00 a month per child or just $50.00 or equivalent a month for 1 sponsor per child. We encourage sponsors to make a long-term commitment and build a good relationship with to their sponsored child.

The cost of quality education is high and we want to provide better education to fully sponsored children. Sponsorship is the blood and heart of Siyabonga Milele Africa™. Today, our 18 children are sponsored at some of the best performing schools in Uganda. By sponsoring a child, you help to break the cycle of poverty in Uganda. You empower a child and change a life. In addition to education, each sponsored child receives shoes, a school uniform, scholastic materials and basic medical care.

When we get full sponsorship of 3 sponsors per child, we intend to do a Christian 3 day’s camp yearly. We keep administration cost minimum and give 90% of the sponsorship funds to directly help your sponsored child. Your relationship as a sponsor is critical in your sponsored child’s life. As a sponsor, you are considered family. You appreciated and prayed for!

Siyabonga is not just another organization asking for aid to help children in Uganda, we are an organization that is testifying to the help that has already been given.

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Our Mission is to: Raise funds and awareness to educate, nurture and support Ugandan vulnerable children to their full potential

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