Who We Are?

Siyabonga which has been in existence for over 5 years now is dedicated to providing educational and better environmental opportunities to children who otherwise do not stand a chance in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Siyabonga was started by a group of four people who having lived the very kind of poor  life these children are living now decided to do something to make their lives better just as someone else did for them years before.

Siyabonga the name of the organization is a Zulu word which means ‘thank you’. Kenneth Kisegerwa, Morris Kabuye and Barbara Kayaga are the Board Members and founders of the organization.

Siyabonga is not just another organization asking for aid to help the thousands of starving and poor children in Africa, we are an organization that is testifying to the very help that has already been given. We are here today to say that the help given as children back then is not and has never been in vain. Siyabonga as a charity organisation is all about giving thanks for what has been done for us by helping others who were just like us in return-Siyabonga [Thank you!!!]

We started Siyabonga to say thank you to countless people across America, Canada and Europe who gave even before they knew who we were and we are here today because of them. We know what love can do because we are the products of someone else’s love therefore our belief in making a difference in the children’s lives in return knowing what they will be tomorrow.

Our Team

I was born in the 1983, in the midst of a guerrilla war waged in Uganda.Life in my perspective started off in the deep end, and as a child, we had to go without food or water for days running from place to place in search of safety. Going to school was a privilege to many Ugandan children and still is. I however, was not one of the privileged, and it was not until I was nine years when i was helpe...

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In 1995 I was helped and given education and food to eat I am a qualified Business Administrator with a Diploma from the South African Institute of Management. I am forever indebted to those who gave to change my live. As the saying goes a good turn deserves another, I am part of the Siyabonga team. Our Thank you team started solely to give back what was given to us

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